Day 336: Masterpiece, or Still Practising?

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Summer of Love (Watercolour)

Summer of Love (Watercolour)

The deadline for the Members Exhibition is looming and I’ve found myself caught between preparing and practising and needing to get something started to be sure I can actually do it on time… so today I took a big breath and started painting the background.

What helped me put the first brush stroke down was remembering thatĀ if I start today and it doesn’t work I have time to do another one, with the lessons I learn today… if I practise for a day or two more then I’ll only have one chance to get it right! And after all, it’s just a piece of paper, worth about the cost of a large coffee :-).

So, I started, and it was too hot again today – 29 degrees, even though I started early. My clouds were drying too quickly, so I stopped. Not quite quickly enough, but I hope that maybe I can mend them tomorrow (hot tomorrow again!). I’m also worried about the birds… not just that I hate using so much masking, but will it come off alright after all this heat? I guess I’ll find out soon.