Day 34: Washing Skies

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I’ve been a bit disappointed with the direction my painting is taking this week… I love seeing other artist’s wet and loose watercolours, their rich and vibrant colours with subjects formed almost by suggestion, but my own practice is full of hard edges and slightly muddy colours.

I was pondering this while walking the dog in the rain this morning and suddenly realised the weather was giving me a huge hint, paint some skies! The clouds were really stunning with lots of shades of grey and white all running together like a huge wet-in-wet wash… exactly what it is really.

I’m starting to accept that it’s going to take a thorough understanding of the paints, paper and techniques for me to really let go and paint loose, and not just make a mess when I do! Unfortunately it’s not going to happen by accident or intuition…. A bit of a contradiction, but I need more control to be able paint like I have none.

Today was an excellent lesson, especially as the piece I disliked most while painting is now one of the best, in my opinion.

Sky-1 Sky-2 Sky-3