Day 346: Experimenting, Fairground Lights

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Fairground Lights (Watercolour)

Fairground Lights (Watercolour)

After yesterday’s success I was brave enough to try something I’ve had my eye on for months… I love the glow of old fashioned strings of light bulbs such as you see at the fairground and I’ve been intrigued to see whether they could be painted in watercolour.

So this afternoon I sat with a few reference photos and tried to achieve a similar effect. I don’t think it was a complete success, but for a first attempt it really wasn’t a complete failure either.

I really wanted to paint freehand, no masking, and to use a wet into wet technique. I wet the whole background flowed in some Indigo and then dropped small amounts of clean water in to start the halos. Then drops of colour were added to the white spots, followed by another drop of clear water to push the colour towards the edges.¬†Once the whole page was dry I used a little more colour to outline a bright ‘bulb’ shape, fading the colour into the background.