Day 355: Flint’s New Toy

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Flint's New Toy (Graphite)

Flint’s New Toy (Graphite)

This afternoon I was in the mood to break away from watercolour… in hindsight I can see my patience hasn’t been very good for a couple of days and I’ve been struggling to get motivated, even though I do like the picture I was working on.

I spent quite a lot of today doing housework and chores, I often find this is a good form of meditation when my mind is running in circles. So I stripped the bed, did lots of washing, cut grass that was a good three weeks overdue (emptying the mower hopper every 3 feet!) and hoovered the whole house. At the end I took a sketch pad outside and wondered what, of all the interesting things in front of me,  to draw….

And my beautiful little tri-colour, spotty pawed dog, Flint, sat on the (newly cut) lawn with his Christmas present and asked me to play… and I ignored him, took some photos and sketched him instead!! How mean am I? Actually, I did play with him for a while first before sketching :-).

It was difficult at first to get anywhere with it, but eventually I managed to find the patience I’ve been missing… it appeared somewhere halfway down his face – one moment I was wondering how little I could get away with and the next I was engrossed in working out how to distinguish the three separate colours of his coat as well as shadows and sunlight and a stuffed toy with two different textures. It didn’t come together perfectly, but I can’t explain how good I feel for persevering and breaking through that barrier, it’s been such a weight over recent days!