Day 43: Red rose, first sitting

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Red rose (Watercolour)

Red rose (Watercolour)

That beautiful red rose was too much to resist today… I got a few chores out of the way, washing, tidying, etc.  then, after walking the dog, I sat down to have a play.

Believe it or not this was all painted in one sitting, moving from one petal to another, then the stalk, the leaves, and then going back to the beginning as it had dried enough to add more colour.

I expect you can tell I’m quite pleased with the results 🙂 The colours still need to be richer, in my opinion, and I think a wash of a different colour (maybe a pale yellow?) in certain areas will lift it no end.

Overall, I am very happy. It’s not loose or impressionistic like the work of many artists I admire. However, more than anything it’s shown me that I am actually learning to control the medium better and achieve pleasing results.