Day 44: Roses everywhere…

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Yellow Rose (Chinese Spontaneous Style)

Yellow Rose (Chinese Spontaneous Style)

I’ve never enjoyed Mondays so much as since starting Chinese Painting Classes, it’s the most rewarding and relaxing couple of hours I can imagine.

Today was no exception, in fact I was thrilled to discover that our new subject (in colour, yay!) would be a yellow rose. Such a pleasant coincidence after spending yesterday afternoon painting our red ones.

Needless to say, it came with a whole bunch of new challenges and I’ve spent additional hour since class trying to master them. The tricky bit with this one is having blended paint on the brush and then producing the petals in the correct alignment and brush direction to lay the colours correctly.

I’m pleased to say that I’m quite confident with the blending technique itself, however getting the brush strokes right is taking lots of practice – I’m again concentrating so hard on individual shapes and strokes that the overall form of the rose isn’t quite fitting together. Never mind though, I have a whole week to practice before we tackle the stem and leaves… which, by the way, look just as tricky.