Day 46: The Bedazzling Rainbow Lorikeet

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Rainbow Lorikeet (Watercolour)

Rainbow Lorikeet (Watercolour)

As soon as I started trying out my new paints yesterday I knew that I had all the right colours for this stunningly bright visitor to our street.

Rainbow Lorikeets love to eat the Bottlebrush flowers of the Callistemon trees traditionally planted on Sydney streets. During spring and summer they can be heard squawking loudly as they fly in flocks from tree to tree, hanging at all angles to get at the best flowers.

After only an hour of painting he is already looking beautiful, maybe a bit fatter than his photo, but beautiful none the less. I didn’t really have much of a plan when I started except to play with colours and see what happened…. loving it so far, although I’m already wondering what on earth to do with the background. I’m trying hard not to worry but I know backgrounds are a weak area of mine. I need to make sure I don’t start avoiding them, so perhaps I’ll tackle it tomorrow the same way as the bird and just throw some paint on without thinking too much 😉

After all, I can always start again if it all goes pear shaped!