Day 48: Lorikeet 2nd attempt, no messing!

Dangling Rainbow Lorikeet (Watercolour)

Dangling Rainbow Lorikeet (Watercolour)

So, here we go again… I was a bit unsure about going straight into another attempt at this subject, but I desperately want to get over this background problem, hence we have another Lorikeet today. My feeling is that if I don’t persist and do it straight away then next time I approach it I’ll have forgotten the small amount I did learn yesterday. I hope I won’t be boring you…

I decided to use a different reference photo this time, so at least it feels like a new painting even though the challenges are the same. Again this funny bird is performing aerobatics and this time we also have a bottle-brush flower to play with.

As before I started with a light wash on the background of mixed Phthalo blue, Sap green and a touch of yellow, trying to leave a few lighter areas this time. The leaves on the right were added next – note the negative painting 🙂 – then the flowers and branch. It’s certainly not very spontaneous or loose, but it hasn’t gone flat yet either so I’m happy. Mind you, I think that odd leaf at the bottom needs friends, or cutting off! Not sure what happened there.

I’m intrigued that despite adding a whole raft of new colours to my palette the overall feel is the same as the Red Gum paintings of earlier this year. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it does lend an old fashioned feel to the work. Maybe this will change when I paint the vibrant blues & greens of the Lorikeet.

Incidentally, I’m very pleased with how the bottle-brush flower is progressing 😀