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Day 65: Chinese Landscape, Part Two

Chinese Landscape (Spontaneous Style)

Chinese Landscape (Spontaneous Style)

It’s always nice to be home after being away, even for a short time… the house is still here, and everything in it. It’s also still a mess after I ran out on Friday afternoon – what a shame that no-one came in andĀ cleaned while we were gone šŸ˜‰

I’m also happy to be sat at my PC again, with lots of technology to do my bidding… by the way, if you were struggling with the size of the images for the past couple of days I will be reloading them – seeing them on a real screen I’ve realised the enlargements are all quite small.

It was a pleasant change to swap my sable brushes and watercolour paints for bamboo brushes and ink today, as we completed the second stage of our Chinese landscape in class. I’ve added the outline of the rocks and two layers of pale ink wash to give more of a three dimensional feel. Next I’ll be adding a little colour all over before a final dark ink layer to emphasize theĀ details. You can go back to compare with last weeks early stage here.