Day 72: Chinese Goldfish

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Goldfish (Chinese Spontaneous Style)

Goldfish (Chinese Spontaneous Style)

It was the last day of term at Chinese Painting class today, and after a quick update on the landscape we’ve been painting for the past two weeks we moved on to something far more colourful and exciting (I’m afraid the landscapes so far don’t do anything thing for me, I keep trying but I don’t really enjoy them….)

So today felt just like being a kid again, when everyone’s allowed to do something special on their last day of school instead of real work!

I almost changed my mind as Maurice showed us step by step the techniques and brush strokes required to paint this gorgeous iridescent fish, but then we went off to our own tables and started mixing paint… and it all just fell into place! This was my very first attempt!

I did carry on and paint another, but of course the spell was broken and the next one didn’t go as well – that may be because by then I had two spectators, Eileen and Jean, also trying their hand at goldfish in our intermediate class. At least that’s my excuse 😉