Day 97: Fluffy Alpaca, Day 2

Alpaca (Watercolour)

Alpaca (Watercolour)

My alpaca now has an eye and a halter, and a nostril… it doesn’t look like much but you might be surprised how long it took to add these three items.

I suspect it’s a case of tackling something new and being outside my comfort zone, but I spent way, way too long on the halter. Despite wanting to be fast and loose as a watercolour painter I seem to seize up and become a detail junky at the very first opportunity!

Nonetheless I have to admit I’m happy so far… thank goodness you can’t really tell how I’ve tried to paint the mouth area and then removed it all again, waiting to let it all dry so I can try again later 🙂

I’m still avoiding the big challenge which is how to render Alpaca fur so it looks full, fluffy and soft. I’ve had a lucky break with the neck and forehead forming some lovely watermarks that work well so I’m hoping the rest will fall into place too.