Dramatic Skies and Granulated Washes

Evening Clouds (Watercolour)

Evening Clouds (Watercolour)

The ex-Committee of Project Gallery have been invited to exhibit beside the new Committee at the end of January… and today I suddenly realised that is effectively only about 10 days away! Shock, horror! I have nothing to show! So I’ve been looking for inspiration this afternoon and playing with some washes…

The title of the show is Transitions, to indicate the change of Committees… but I wondered whether I could find a subject that would fit the title too. After looking at seasons and deciding it would be too hard for such a tight deadline, I moved on to thinking about weather changes, or maybe time … and with some dramatic skies to illustrate the idea.

First trial wash today is the beginning of a sunset with rolling clouds – I think this is going to take some building up to get the richness, and I really would like some soft but heavily granulated effects. I haven’t managed this so far and think I’ll to have to do some research into which pigments (in the brown/pink spectrum) will allow me to achieve this.

You might notice I’m also using that awful paper still as well. If you enlarge the picture you can see how the brown in the lower right corner has soaked in to the paper unevenly and produced some quite pronounced patterns.