Every Day in May Challenge – Magpie

Magpie (Watercolour)

Magpie (Watercolour)

My day job this week has seen my eyes and brain turning square!! It’s been a really heavy week of accounts and MYOB entry, trying to catch up with everything before Year end arrives, but I think I’m finally on top of the worst of it and looking forward to more time focusing on fun stuff.

Fortunately, I’ve still been finding time each day (or every couple of days) to keep up with the Every Day in May Challenge and a few days ago I painted this cheeky picture of a Magpie. It’s a subject I’ve fancied trying for quite a while and so I was pleased to see it listed for Day 16 of the challenge.

I’m extremely pleased how well he’s turned out, especially the ‘black’ areas… believe it or not they are the result of mixing just two colours together: Pthahlo Blue and a dark red which I think might be Perelyne Maroon – it’s so hard to remember when they’ve been on your palette for a while!

Many of the challenge pictures I’ve done so far have been quick and quite sketchy, but this one drew me in and I painted for far longer than I usually would in one sitting (or standing, to be exact)… time and the world just faded away for a while and it was a wonderful!