Experimental Life Study in Watercolour

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Life Study (Watercolour)

Life Study (Watercolour)

Camelot’s Gypsy Sketch Club was postponed last night due to the incredible storms we’ve had over the last couple of days around Sydney… so I considered posting one of last week’s pieces instead, as I’d originally promised.

But then I happened to spend half an hour yesterday afternoon at my drawing board, with a paint brush in hand, looking at said sketch, and somehow this life study in watercolour appeared. It’s amazing what you can do with just three colours: Indian Yellow, Phthalo Blue and Perylene Maroon.

I’m very pleased with it… until a few weeks ago I was living my self made, lifelong story that I can’t ‘do’ figures, but I’m beginning to realise I had better stop saying that to myself! Just how much do we limit ourselves with the made up beliefs we hang on to? …and I wonder if can work on not doing portraits next 😛 .