Fallow Deer Graphite Sketch

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Fallow Deer Fawn (Graphite)

Fallow Deer Fawn (Graphite)

I haven’t done a graphite sketch for ages and for some reason I’m just not attracted to all the half finished watercolours I have sitting around… a very good friend of mine (Gina) mentioned today that these are commonly known as UFO’s, UnFinished Objects. Well, I’ve always been a big Sci Fi fan ūüėČ

So, anyway, today this seemed like a good excuse to pick up the graphite sticks and have a play with a greyscale sketch. Who knows it might also help my ongoing difficulties with tonal values (well, of course it will!!). So, again taken from Paintmyphoto, this is a beautiful Fallow deer fawn from a photo by Lenora Melville.

I actually thought that being such a compact and interesting pose it would¬†be fairly easy to draw, but I was so wrong… the back end fell into place quite easily, but head and neck¬†were very difficult to get right. Luckily you can’t tell, but there were three or four attempts to get to¬†this result – and the nose is still a bit long (that seems to be a common problem, noses are always too long). I am very happy with how the spotty fur turned out though, and I thought that would be the hard part!