Inktense Pencils & Watercolour Hummingbird

Hummingbird (Inktense pencil & Watercolour)

Hummingbird (Inktense Pencil & Watercolour)

It’s Wednesday… were you expecting another life drawing? Well, I’ve been especially creative today and managed to squeeze in a bit of┬ápainting as well, before Sketch Club. Perhaps you’ll see the results of tonight’s life drawing tomorrow ­čśë

If I’m honest this hummingbird was started a week or so ago while I was (not) watching telly and playing with a set of Inktense Pencils I got for Christmas – I still haven’t learned to use them very successfully yet… they work very much like coloured pencils until you add water and then the colour is vibrant. You can also use a wet brush to pick up colour direct from the pencil and then they can be used almost like any other watercolour. I liked some of the effects I’m getting and decided to try adding to it with normal watercolours.

It’s definitely lacking a flower for him (her?) to be hovering at, and now most of the colour is washed in it could do with some fine detail to finish it off. What colour flower though? That’s the question!