Day 31: More Bamboo shoots

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Bamboo Sticks (Chinese watercolour)

Bamboo Sticks (Chinese watercolour)


Sorry to repeat myself,  but I’ve been practising bamboo again today to try and master it while it’s fresh in my mind.

This is my best attempt today… I’ve managed to get the three variations in leaf tone and almost managed three identifiable groups of leaves too, although the sizes of the groups aren’t quite right . There should be a large, a medium and a small arrangement of leaves to represent the Host, Guest and servant favoured in traditional Chinese composition. I seem to have a Host and two servants!

It doesn’t look very different to yesterday’s post, does it… did I mention that a feature of learning Chinese painting is repeatedly copying the masters instruction? It’s very good for improving technique but I’m afraid it’s not so great for blogging – something new tomorrow I think 🙂