More Posies…

Orange Hawkweed (Watercolour)

Orange Hawkweed (Watercolour)

Dinathus 'Pinks' (Watercolour)

Dianthus ‘Pinks’ (Watercolour)

And another week spins by…. I’m just about to leave my parent’s house after a fabulous time catching up with all my family this weekend.

I found half an hour yesterday to paint a couple of flowers in Mum’s garden as I needed two cards to put on birthday presents for my small nieces. The first was actually the Orange Hawkweed and came out a little stilted. I love the colours though, and a touch of Cerulean Blue in the background has really made the orange pop. Apparently this pretty flower is an invasive weed – aren’t weeds just wildflowers that haven’t found a home yet? I’m afraid I love them.

The exercise of painting these obviously warmed me up nicely for the ‘pinks’ which I had less than 10 minutes to paint before we all went out for dinner. Time limits must agree with me as I think this is the best thing I’ve painted in months!