Ponderings on Portraits, Scent of a Rose

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Scent of a Rose (Graphite)

Scent of a Rose (Graphite)

I was chatting with my very good friend and artist, Moira, today about visiting the Archibald Prize Exhibition and it set me thinking – by the way, the Archibald is a well known prize for portraits of famous or talented people (‘distinguished in art, letters, science or politics’) held annually in Sydney.

Now, I would love to be able to paint portraits… recognisable, emotional, artistic portraits, actually I’ll settle for recognisable as a start… and I’m really looking forward to visiting the exhibition to see how the professionals do it. That being the case, and in view of my aim to practise often and follow my passion, my thoughts focused on wondering why I never (or rarely) try a portrait? How can I be so fascinated by them and yet constantly shy away from practising them so I might improve? Beats me!

So tonight when I got home from Wollongong (gallery sitting) I searched out a photo from you know where (paintmyphoto) and spent an hour doing just that. I used a harder graphite than I normally would (2B) which gave me much greater control and allowed me to get lighter shading. Apart from slightly misaligned eyes and the bit where I lost patience towards the end with her hand I’m very pleased with it 🙂 .