Stopping Doing Stuff, and a not so Quick, Sketchy Kitty

Sketchy Kitty (Watercolour)

Sketchy Kitty (Watercolour)

Do you ever find yourself doing all the things you don’t really want to and avoiding the things you really do want to do, and not really understanding why? I think we probably all do this more often than we like to admit… and I’ve been doing it for the past three days or so.

Admittedly there was quite a lot of work to do on Monday, and a fair bit yesterday, but by then I was mostly in control and decided to spend more time today catching up on ‘My’ things. That turned out to be a few hours on the computer, an hour or two out and about looking for curtain fabric and then a frantic painting session (in artificial light) while the dinner was cooking – and then I slipped away for another hour after dinner to try and correct all the mistakes I’d made 😛

No wonder I feel frustrated and my painting is so patchy! The fact I have anything to show tonight is due to sheer determination and very forgiving paper (it’s worth getting the good stuff!) – I had to completely redo both eyes and even resorted to using opaque white for the highlights. I lost his chin though, I don’t think it can be saved…

I do love this little kitten though, so I will try again 🙂