Workshop 2nd Day – Watercolour Jacaranda Challenge

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Jacaranda Challenge (Watercolour)

Jacaranda Challenge (Watercolour)

It was back to work yesterday, but I still have a few moments to share from Sunday’s workshop… we started the day with an impromptu watercolour Jacaranda challenge to see who could get the closest colour to these stunning blossoms. I don’t think I won the colour match with mine (pictured here), mixed from Quinachridone Magenta and Phthalo Blue, but I did get a ‘Wow’ for the brush work and looseness which was very exciting 🙂 .

Following on from this we watched a number of superb demonstrations of Jean’s renowned animal eyes, both of cats and dogs, watching as she worked from a photo of a King Charles Spaniel someone had brought along.

After lunch we got to indulge our own enthusiasm and splashed some paint around and I now have several part finished pieces to continue working on now I’m home. We also watched while Jean tackled some of the problems that were being faced around the room using attendees photos, demonstrating and explaining how she would approach the subject. It was really useful to hear her thought processes and problem solving methods as she worked through each one – pretty brave of her too… most instructors won’t stray from the set pieces they have prepared beforehand.

Now it’s back to my quiet spare room and the challenge of keeping that spark of excitement going. I will certainly be looking our for a class or a painting group to join now, it was so inspirational to have like minded people in the room for encouragement and an experienced tutor for guidance!