Watercolour Study – Granny Smith Blossom

Granny Smith Apple Blossom (Watercolour Study)

Granny Smith Apple Blossom (Watercolour Study)

Not much going on this week I’m afraid, but I did take time yesterday for a small watercolour study of the blossom on my second apple tree, which has just started blooming. This one was a recent birthday present from Jim and grows Granny Smith apples (hopefully!).

I decided I needed a second tree because the first one hasn’t given us any apples so far in the five years we’ve had it… they keep falling off when they’re still small, so I wondered if it needed a pollinator. We’ll just have to see how they both get on this year 🙂 .

This tree is  a dwarf ballerina style, so it’s cultivated to be about a metre high and only produce small branches all the way up the trunk so what you see here is the entire length of a branch. I was fascinated to see just how different the blossom is on my new tree, the buds are a much deeper red, and no leaves yet just flowers and buds. For reference the study I made of the other tree, which is a Gala apple, can be found here.

Colours used here: Alizarin Crimson, Indian Yellow, Sap Green, Indanthrene Blue and Burnt Sienna.