So Where’s My Dinner? – Flint Watercolour Sketch

Where's Dinner (Watercolour Sketch)

So, Where’s My Dinner? (Watercolour Sketch)

Three day’s full of work = no painting… Booo! Not good enough!

It’s been a hard end to the week, and it’s not over because I have six hours of training tomorrow as well, on a Saturday! (I ask you?). So when I got home this evening I just had to do something (after walking my bestest friend, Flint, in the dark) and decided to try a very quick watercolour sketch of a photo I took a few nights ago.

To set the scene, myself and Jim had cooked ourselves a couple of juicy pork chops and, in our best imitation of pack leaders, were eating before feeding Flint – he was going to get the best bits anyway and surely wouldn’t starve in the next ten minutes! But you should have seen the pose… it was entirely possible he was going to fall in a dead faint from lack of sustenance, and he managed to remember what puppy dog eyes were even at his grand age of nine.

So…. a ten minute watercolour speed sketch using only Burnt Sienna and Paynes Grey… and maybe a tiny bit of Gold Ochre. Great fun to do and good exercise. Something I should probably make a habit of…